'Insects and Parrots' - a work in progress...

'This investigation is led by an interest in the processes of performing artists, focusing on the highly acclaimed dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, and the undying commitment to their art despite the suffering it often appears to entail. Movement, rhythm and repetition are key factors within the work that engages in exploration by introducing selected text extracted from ‘The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’ (2006). This publication, in which Nijinsky documents the six and a half weeks of his life when his grasp on reality was slipping away from him and he was entering psychosis, gives a fascinating insight.

The abstraction of fluid form reflects upon a curiosity for the human condition, delving into the realms of the human psyche and neurosis in relation to the artist and the artistic process, and uses the depiction of the performer to tell autobiographical stories of past traumas framing the intersect between biography and autobiography, and how we might tell our own stories by borrowing from others.' 

The title comes from an anecdote about Nijinsky; once asked what he loved best in the world, Nijinsky laughed and replied "insects and parrots".'

Derek Dickinson