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Interesting final seminar with Mark Leahy on 'Communication'. The essay by Usula K. Le Giun, 'She Unnames Them' didn't grab me but I feel I should revisit with fresh eyes after Mark's explanation of the writing.

Of particular interest for me was the essay by Jackie Wang that discusses 'Oceanic Feeling'. In the essay Wang discusses 'the oceanic state during the creative process'. This is something I have been considering in my practice, particularly when working on paintings in my studio. At times I feel as if I disappear and I lose connection with the world around me and become oblivious to time. This often occurs after I begin a process that feels almost ritualistic, that sometimes leads me into what I now would like to name an

Oceanic State.

I have previously been looking at possibilities as to how to describe this state, reading Freud and Jung in search of answers. The nearest I came to any previous reflection on this state was reading Jung's theory on the 'Collective Unconscious', and wondering if this was something I was possibly tapping into.


Oceanic Feeling: limitless - at one with the world - eternal.

The oceanic state during the creative process.

'on not being able to PAINT' - Marion Milner. (ordered)

Roland Romain: as a mystical feeling - enables one to connect with the universe. The Oceanic was an affective state underlining all religious experience.

Does this in some form relate to Jung's Collective Unconscious?

Closing Questions:

what do we communicate? what do we say as artists? what do we call what we make? what questions do we ask about what we do?

about how our work goes into the world? what is beyond communication? what do we know or feel that cannot be communicated?

These closing questions from the seminar are questions I am contently asking myself, and are questions I am considering within the current essay.

I will be looking further into the ideas of the 'Oceanic State' in relation to my current writings.


Le Guin She Unnames Them
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