Crit at the Roland Levinsky Gallery

Updated: May 16

with Anya Lewin


At long last we were able to have a crit together in a gallery space!

I really enjoyed this session, it was great seeing and discussing the work we have all been producing in a live space. It made such a difference being able to engage with the works, in particular Mark's installation. I am now looking forward to the installation week and working with a curator at Karst and seeing the exhibition come to life.

This is the film I have been working on for the end of the second year show at Karst. After the feedback from the group I am now considering shortening the length of the piece to ten minutes and re working the sound and text. I intend to experiment by extracting the Nijinsky text completely and just using the poem Solitude, possible with the background sound of the water. I will also consider using a version without any sound.

The feedback was generally positive and the opportunity to ask the group questions has been beneficial. I was already unsure of the over layering of text and was considering if the moving image was more powerful without the sound.

I will be experimenting further with the film and posting the variations when complete, then I have to make the final decision as to what I will show. I am hoping to look at the space in Karst before we begin thinking this might give me direction as to the final choice.


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