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Updated: Feb 9

29/01/2021 - 13:00-14:00

I really enjoyed today's crit. The new format of handing in a blog previous to the crit, allowing everyone to absorb the work, and then getting an hour of reflection and questioning, I found much more enjoyable and a lot more useful.

The feedback I received was really constructive, and has given me plenty to think about and to reflect upon. Having revealed for the first time a piece of writing of my own, and getting such great feedback, I am feeling more confident about exploring working with my own writing.

Sinta Tantra suggested that I might try using the text (poem) without the addition of moving image, something I had already considered and will now be exploring.

Zanna and Julie both inquired as to whether I might consider working with the writings I did in the 1980s, reflecting on them, possibly writing responses from the point of view of now. This really interested me, something I had not yet considered and will be attempting in the near future.

The film I presented with my poem 'Solitude' received some good responses. It appears the general consensus is, that my own writings are more effectual than the writings of others.


13:45:05 From Sam Machell to Everyone : In the Air Tonight by Andrew Norman Wilson -

13:53:29 From Sinta Tantra to Everyone :

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