Framing Statement for KARST Show...

Description of the work

  • Title - Solitude - a work in progress… ???

  • One screen monitor or projection (depending on availability)

  • Duration - 3min, 15min or perhaps even longer film, possibly with sound (depending on the curator)



I have been experimenting with the moving image and the use of text and sound in a move away from working on canvas. Looking at themes of biography and autobiography and the intersect between the two. Movement is a key factor within my practice, an abstraction of fluid forms which reflect an interest in the human condition. Intrigued with performers, in particular the dancer Vaslav Nijinsky has developed and interested in the undying commitment to their art despite the suffering it sometimes entails. Using the image of the performer as a symbol for my own past sufferings.

Concerns with the work

My initial concerns with this work are with the use of text, something I have not engaged in previously in my practice. I began this project with the extracted text from the diary of Vaslav Nijinsky which progressed into the using of my own writing. Within the piece I am still unsure of the direction I intend taking, using this experience to investigate the possibilities. I am also concerned about excessively analysing the process of the work, considering a preference of allowing the work to form with a more organic process and then reflecting on and considering the content.

Thinking around research

My research for this work began with biographies, in particular ‘The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’. Within my research, I am looking into the realms of the human psyche and neurosis in relation to the artist and the artistic process. I have also been looking into the ideas of the Oceanic feeling and the Collective Unconscious.


Bernier, R R, (2014) The Unspeakable Art Of Bill Viola. United States: Pickwick Publications.

Hanhardt, JG. (2015) Bill Viola. London: Thames & Hudson.

Understanding the Collective Unconscious

Carl Jung and the Artistic Impulse: Madness in the Creative Spirit

Notes from Mark

rhythm and movement /

presentations of self /

how we encounter other minds in art

Gallery Statement

This investigation is led by an interest in the processes of performing artists, focusing on the highly acclaimed dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, and the undying commitment to their art despite the suffering it often appears to entail. Movement, rhythm and repetition are key factors within the work that engages in exploration by the introduction of selected text extracted from ‘The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’.

The abstraction of fluid form reflects upon a curiosity for the human condition, delving into the realms of the human psyche and neurosis in relation to the artist and the artistic process, and uses the depiction of the performer to tell autobiographical stories of past traumas, inviting conversation framing the intersect between biography and autobiography and how we might tell our own stories by borrowing from others.

This is a work in progress and is being utilised to investigate future possibilities.

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