'Insects and Parrots' - a work in progress...


Looking at others that have been inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky I discovered John Neumeier, and viewed an interesting documentary on Deutsche Welle, 'On the Road with John Neumeier' in which he discusses the impact of Nijinsky on his life and career, claiming it was this discovery that led to him being a dancer, choreographer, director which led to him becoming the head of the Hamburg Ballet since 1973.

Another interesting film I found was by the director, Paul Cox and entitled 'The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky' (2014). in this film Cox has selected text from Nijinsky's diary, this is then narrated over film with the voice of actor Derek Jacobi. It was very interesting for me to see this presented as a biopic as, due to the current situation (Covid 19), I have had to postpone any idea of a multi screen installation and am now working on, as an alternative, a single screen adaption.

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