'Insects and Parrots' (working title)

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

My interest in balletic performers began many years ago with the dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, who has been an influence behind many of my works. I have also recently taken an interest in Sergei Polunin, a dancer considered to be one of the greatest of our time. Polunin became a first soloist at the age of twenty, becoming the youngest ever principle dancer at the Royal Ballet.

It was during Sergei Polunin's interpretation of a Vaslav Nijinsky piece, SACRÉ at The London Palladium I first became aware of the dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky.

Throughout the summer I have been studying the life and works of Vaslav Nijinsky, a truly great artist in the world of dance. My interest in Nijinsky lies more with the man behind the performer, and how such a talented man ended up in an asylum before he reached thirty years of age. When asked by a contemporary what his favourite things were Nijinsky replied "Insects and Parrots".

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