Insects and Parrots (working title)

Recording session of the text for 'Insects and Parrots'

Extracted text from ‘The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky’ (Nijinsky, 2006)

01, I am not God, I am not man. I am a beast and predator.

02, I am standing in front of a precipice into which I may fall.

03, My soul is sick… I am incurable.

04, Jollity is the death of the mind.

05, I am afraid of death, and therefore I love life.

06, I think little and therefore understand everything I feel.

07, I am feeling in the flesh and not intellect in the flesh.

08, I am the flesh.

09, I am feeling.

10, I am God in the flesh.

11, I am man and not God.

12, I am simple.

13, People must not think me.

14, They must feel me and understand me through feeling.

15, Scholars will ponder over me, and they will rack their brains needlessly, because thinking will produce no results for them.

16, They are stupid.

17, They are beasts.

18, They are meat.

19, They are death.

20, I am talking simply, but without any affection.

21, I am not an ape.

22, I am a man.

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