Into the Public Realm - MAC 708


For this module I initially intended to document an explorative collaboration I was engaged in with Zanna Markillie. This collaboration was leading towards a live performance that we were considering performing live to an invited audience, or possibly stream on the internet engaging a wider audience through the use of social media. This project grew more and more difficult due to the restrictions of Covid-19. Unable to meet to work on this project Zanna and I concluded that it would be best to abandon this work in the current climate. Subsequently I decided for this module I would focusing on a forthcoming exhibition of my work in London.

Last year I was selected to exhibit at The Royal Academy Summer/Winter Show - 2020. This led to an approach by Anna Shtorm enquiring as to whether I would be interested in her company representing me. I requested a meeting in London, this went well and I decided to enter into an agreement with Gallery Shtorm. The first exhibition hosted by Gallery Shtorm is a group exhibition to be held in a gallery in Mayfair commencing on the 21st April. This exhibition was originally planned for February but it was postponed due to Covid-19.

In the past, I have for the most part, managed my own exhibitions and promotion. This promotion has been limited, using my personal guest-list of collectors, patrons and friends, including online promotion through my website and social media, with the addition of interviews with local press. This new representation provides the opportunity to bring my work to a new and wider audience. Anna Shtorm has engaged Circe, an international PR consultancy, to assist in the promotion of Gallery Shtorm. I was subsequently invited to a Zoom meeting to undertake an interview with Circe’s founder, Abigail Stuart-Menteth. I am currently awaiting the arrival of a draft of the press-release for my approval. Anna Storm also sent a photographer to photograph a collection of twenty works for the forthcoming exhibition colleagues, virtual exhibition and promotion.

The audience for this coming exhibition differs immensely from the one I would have been attempting to attract for the collaborative performance piece with Zanna. This was an exploration into a new territory and about receiving an informative response from its viewers. Engaging is an exhibition that is accessible to everyone, I am looking to expand the audience that engage with my practice, including art collectors and buyers that are willing to invest in my work, enabling me to forge a living from my practice, and allowing me to continue producing art.

Gallery Shtorm - Forthcoming Exhibitions

London - Albemarle Street

Dates: 21/04/2021- 09/05/2021

Online - Virtual exhibition

Dates: 12/05/2021 - 30/05/2021

London - Art Weekend

Dates: 02/06/2021 - 06/06/2021

Switzerland - Zürich

Dates: 29/06/2021 - TBC.

Luke Andrew Walker - Photographer

Anna Shtorm - Galley Shtorm

Circe PR Consultancy

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