Year 2 Exhibition at KARST - WIP

Updated: May 17

Details for the KARST show from Anya...

Hi Everyone:

I wanted to give you all the details of the week at KARST so that you are all prepared – it should be an exciting week.

Attendance – the best experience will be if you can spend all of Monday – Wednesday building installing the show. I know that for a couple of you that will be difficult due to work. Its essential you get time on Monday and Wednesday working with Ben Borthwick so anyone who has timing restrictions can you send me your attendance schedule ASAP. Julie can’t be there at all unfortunately, but she is going to entrust some work to us through Derek so that she can be represented in the show.

The exciting news is that Ben Borthwick will be working with you as the curator of the space – Thank you so much Ben. This means he may suggest additions or subtractions to the work you are showing. After you do the workshop with Mark on June 10th for your gallery statements please put up a blog post on June 11th with your statement and documentation of the work in progress you propose to show. Be as thorough as possible using measurements so Ben can know what to expect. Please e-mail the link on the 11th to myself and Ben Borthwick with the subject heading UOP MA at KARST. Include your password if the blog is password protected.


There is some equipment we can use at KARST - Dawn or Ben is it possible to get a list of what is available?

Anything that KARST doesn’t have you will need to book through SMART HUB


Monday arrive at 10 AM for KARST Health and Safety induction. If you can’t attend please arrange for another student to take you through it when you arrive. One person will be made keyholder so that you can have after hours access to the space. That person should be the most local and plan to be there every day. After induction Ben and Anya (assisting) will help decide where everyone will work spatially and get you all going. Tuesday Mark and Anya will be there. Wednesday Ben will work with you to complete the final installation. I will try and have a university technician around a bit – please let me know in your June 11th blog post if you feel you will need technical help. Thursday will be assessments. Friday open for friends and family. We will need to do this by appointment so please start putting together a list of people you plan to invite. I will work on scheduling this with you or perhaps as Julie wanted to participate this could be her role! The gallery will be open from 10 – 4:30 then we will need to deinstall and take the work away. Plan for an intense but fulfilling week.

Lastly the show will be documented by Dom Moore on the Friday.


This is the first edit with the recorded, heavily layered, text from the Nijinsky diaries and my poem 'Solitude', including of the sound of the ocean in the background.

Solitude with text and sound - 26 mins

16 minute edit silent

11 minute edit with sounds of the sea and poem 'Solitude'

3 minute edit with sounds of the sea

3 minute edit with poem 'Solitude'

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