MA Contemporary Art Practice - Project Proposal MAC 701


Derek Dickinson MA Contemporary Art Practice Project Proposal MAC 701

To evaluate my past practice and look at previous autobiographical work. This will enable me to push the boundaries of my practice, therefore informing its direction, and allowing me to consider changes in the course of my work.

Examine my current practice and break through its boundaries by engaging in and exploring new mediums such as film, projection and sound.


• Revisit and analyse previous works created throughout my degree. • Book studio time and experiment with camera work and lighting. • Library research, looking at film and finding new artists. • Push boundaries through experimenting with different mediums. Project outline and methods

My intention for this project is to explore how I can develop as an artist, by engaging with new mediums and in a more conceptual process.

Undertaking more research and planning within my practice.

I am interested in researching further into the life of the dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, and investigating how, possibly, his professional life may have impacted on his mental health.


In my current practice I have been looking at, and responding to, the life and works of Vaslav Nijinsky. I am interested in undertaking this study to investigate whether I can successfully move forward from my previous processes, engaging in a more researched and theoretical approach. Having previously been working with photographic references, I am interested in working with a dancer and discovering how this might influence my practice.

Mapping the field and sources - framing the work

I will continue my investigation of the life and work of Vaslav Nijinsky with further reading, and finding more films and documentaries on his life. My research will also involve looking at other artists in the genre of film and projection, such as Bill Viola, Jane and Louise Wilson, Sam Taylor-Johnson. I will be searching for current artists that work

with film and projection, I intend to visit galleries looking for current artists that are working in these mediums. Once I have completed the Media Lab inductions I will be engaging in experimental works, working in the TV studio and gallery, using DLSR cameras and attempting to capture moving images and learning new ways of editing with Premiere Plus. I also intend to investigate the recording of text with a voice actor.

Initial bibliography

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Week of... 14,10,2019 • Qualify on - Induction - Casting and Moulding Studio. • Qualify on - Induction - 209 TV Studio and Gallery (Media Access). • Qualify on - Induction - Sony a7S 12.2 MP full-frame (Media Access). • Reading throughout. 21,10,2019 • Presentation. • Begin experimentation with camera, studio and performance. • Introduction to Digital Video Session 2 (editing with Premiere Pro). • Specialist Sound tutorial. • Reading throughout. 28,10,2019 • Introduction to Digital Video Session 2 (introduction to After Effects). • Begin working on moving images with Premiere Pro. • Experiment with studio lighting and camera work using an actor. • Reading throughout. 04,11,2019 • Try voice recording with a voice actor. • Recording text. • Gallery visits • Reading throughout. 11,11,2019 • Studio time. • Experiment with editing (Premiere Pro). • Reading throughout. 18,11,2019 • Experimental editing (After Effects).

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