MACAP - year two...

I can barely believe that I am about to begin the second year of the MA. The time has gone by so fast, even with the current situation. I am really looking forward to getting back to it!

I am also looking forward to seeing all the gang and to meeting the new members of the cohort. I guess it will be in my little office by Zoom - my new social life, then hopefully face to face on Friday when we visit Plymouth's new Box.

It's been a strange summer to say the least. Everything that I had planned seemed to get postponed - and in some cased it seems indefinitely. One good thing was that the RA Summer Show was postponed and not canceled. It is now the first summer show to be shown in the winter in two hundred and fifty two years, so I guess that makes it even more special! It's been a long journey. Making the work in January, entering in February, getting short listed in March, and finally finding out in September that I'm in. I was invited to visit the exhibition for Varnish Day and I can highly recommend if you have the opportunity to go, it's well worth a visit.

6 October 2020 — 3 January 2021

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