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Checking through my emails today, I found a mail that informing us that the technical team at the hub are all available online for any help we might need. For anyone like me who missed the email, there are daily drop-in sessions and if you need you can book one to one sessions with the team. I did my first Zoom session today with Rima Ong from the Media Lab. It was really helpful and Rima is extremely patient!

I needed help with the Adobe programs, Rima got me up and running and has referred me to Craig Whyte to continue helping me master these very complicated programs.

I am now working away on the films I made earlier in the year against a green screen. I am hoping this with give a new layer to the work I have done so far. I have been out filming on my morning walks and also am looking at old footage from previous projects, with the view of adding something new, until such time as I can get back into a studio and complete the work I started this year.

I won't pretend that this situation is ideal, but in the present climate I guess we just have to make the best of what is available to us. On a positive note, having all this time to reflect on a project I hope will bring a fruitful outcome.

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