Project Report Presentations...

I really enjoyed seeing the 3rd years' Project Report Presentations, all really interesting and very exiting to see where thy have all arrived after three years of study. I feel I must add, that I also feel rather sad for them all as the current situation (Covid 19) we are all in, has deprived them of their final show and graduation ceremony, and it felt as if they were slipping away rather than going out with the bang they all deserve. I do understand that this situation is beyond anyone's control and I really hope that they are all able to return at a later date and present their work to us all. Also I am really grateful I took the opportunity to visit Karst when they were given a chance for a rehearsal of the final show, and I'm also pleased for then that they used this as an opportunity to photographically document the work. I wish them all the best and want to take this opportunity to thank them all for all the support and kindness they have shown me in my first year.

Good luck to you all!

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