Public Realm - Beth Richards

Having missed the previous session with Beth Richards on Public Realm, on my return train journey from London, I watched the Zoom recording of the meeting and attempted the task given by Beth.

‘Give a description of a set and instructions for performance’


Stage - blackout.

One spotlight over head and, or two lights at face height from either side (as in previous filming with Lloyd Lovell).

Enter and exit the downlight.

Performance coming in and out of the light (as in previous filming with Lloyd Lovell).


Deliver text (Possible extracted text from Nijinsky's diary or the poetry of Edward James or possibly my own writings).

Engage with a performer/dancer, allowing to give a free style performance informed by the text.

Consider doing my own performance of the given text.

Demonstrate confinement - imprisonment - punishment...


Pre-recorded sound with the poetry of Edward James or the Nijinsky text or possibly recordings of my own writings.

When I continued watching the recording, and the responses to the task by the others, Zanna’s description was very similar to my own. This I mentioned at the following Zoom meeting and some of the others suggested Zanna and I consider working on a project together. We discussed this very briefly and decided to have a one to one Zoom meeting to discuss further.

14th December 10:30 - Zoom meeting with Zanna.

Zanna and I had our first meeting to discuss whether we could in fact work together on a project. This meeting went well and was for the most part about making a plan and getting into a routine and structuring the project.

After this first meeting I began to get excited about the prospect of working with another artist, something that was part of my original plan when coming on to the MA.

To be continued...

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