Research Task 702 (Formless/Being)

This has been a challenging, yet enjoyable task. Investigating other artists has encouraged me to look further into my own practice development, and sparked ideas as to the direction of my current work, 'Insects & Parrots'. Concerning myself with ideas of the formless and being has opened questions as to the direction I might take in this project.

Where does this work end and the viewer begin?

Does the inexhaustible cycle of the installation reflect on the unknowing in the relationship between artist and subject (Nijinsky)?

Is the work an interpretation of how I choose to see the life of Nijinsky, and nothing to do with the man, made of fragments of facts stated by others. If so is this informed piece really another way of demonstrating something that is once again autobiographical?

Am I employing the subject as an extension of myself, finding another way of questioning who I am?

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