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- with Beth Richards.

Having missed the previous session with Beth Richards on Public Realm, on my return train journey from London, I watched the Zoom recording of the meeting and attempted the task given by Beth.

‘Give a description of a set and instructions for performance’


Stage - blackout.

One spotlight over head and, or two lights at face height from either side (as in previous filming with Lloyd Lovell).

Enter and exit the downlight.

Performance coming in and out of the light (as in previous filming with Lloyd Lovell).


Deliver text (Possible extracted text from Nijinsky's diary or the poetry of Edward James or possibly my own writings).

Engage with a performer/dancer, allowing to give a free style performance informed by the text.

Consider doing my own performance of the given text.

Demonstrate confinement - imprisonment - punishment...


Pre-recorded sound with the poetry of Edward James or the Nijinsky text or possibly recordings of my own writings.

When I continued watching the recording, and the responses to the task by the others, Zanna’s description was very similar to my own. This I mentioned at the following Zoom meeting and some of the others suggested Zanna and I consider working on a project together. We discussed this very briefly and decided to have a one to one Zoom meeting to discuss further.

'Simpatico - W.I.P.' - a working title.


Zoom meeting with Zanna

Zanna and I had our first meeting to discuss whether we could in fact work together on a project. This meeting went well and was for the most part about making a plan and getting into a routine and structuring the project.

After this first meeting I began to get excited about the prospect of working with another artist, something that was part of my original plan when coming on to the MA.

Zoom with Zanna!



Zoom with Zanna!


Today, Zanna and I had our second Zoom meeting, and the first of the new year, regarding our new collaborative project.

We discussed the direction of the project and found a place to begin our investigation.

We are considering using text, as a starting point, from the conscious writing seminar, as a portal to a more spontaneous interactive conversation.

Our next meeting is planned for Monday 11th January. We are hoping to meet at my studio to experiment with performance and will be filming the process to then reflect upon.

Within these plans we are considering the restrictions of the current Covid situation.

To be continued...

Zoom with Zanna!


Already on our third Zoom meeting. Zanna and I discussed meeting up to experiment with filming, but after consideration thought it best to stick to Zooming for now. Today's meet was great, just having the opportunity to chat and discuss how we are coping in the current situation feels so healthy. We discussed how we would both like to advance, as we cannot actually meet and experiment. We considered attempting using the stream of consciousness exercise but then decided to start with something we had already written. To get over the shyness and insecurity of reading our works to one another, we read one line at a time and repeated this to the end of our two poems. This felt good but I really needed to hear Zanna's poem, as I was so busy concentrating on my own delivery that it was difficult to absorb Zanna's piece. This led us to be brave and read our poems to one another! This exercise worked really well, being extremely self conscious of my writing, it was a great opportunity to reveal in a secure place. We are now sending our poems to one another to read, then I shall read Zanna's to her on our next meet, and vice versa.

We set ourselves tasks to complete before our next meeting. We will record our own poem and attach it to some form of imagery, possibly a new piece of film, or something we already have on film.

I have decided to publish my piece here.


SO soft a touch I cannot bear

Your presence surrounds me

My emotions spilling over the edge of this nightmare

Onto the coldness of your awakening

Like lava, into the sea

Followed shortly by the strained untruth of another smile

Repetition passes by, again dragging all it carries

Unduly mine to suffer, once more

Happiness - passing me by in moments of uncomfortable distaste

Satisfaction - never really understood

An ending brings only disappointment

Now, colourful tears - I shed with no remorse

Left, plentiful in sorrow - I hard swallow my past

And smile again - in the face of my destiny

Freedom - my only wish, and death - my only chance

To return, to the place before my birth

I go willingly, led by time, shackled, only by belief

Then, and only then, will I be free to sleep without guilt

My final wish, come true


Here is my first edit of the poem 'Solitude" with the recorded text.

This is Zanna's response to my poem, 'Solitude'.

I was so excited when I received this piece from Zanna, also a little apprehensive before I viewed it. It felt so strange seeing the images created by someone else, along with my words. I was only a few seconds in when I relaxed and really began to enjoy the experience. I really love what Zanna has brought to my poem and it has given me the confidence to continue working with my own text.

Bow to the Volcano Ocean (soul)

I will boom and burn

Shout my lungs and legs,

With Soft feathered throat,

And heart wings

Hot and ready.

I will have my back, my spine,

Incarnate snake

And these grace-making hands

I will have the river and rocks

Swim naked in silk

Roar my body and dance

And speak what’s alive and let love love

I will say no and bow down in yes-ness

I will take care of this slice of earth,

And walk on cherished feet

Place them here and sing

I will listen to the silence,

And pour my devotion into no-thing-ness ,

Abiding space here I will welcome

All That Flows Through

I will get bloody and muddy,

Be wild unto life

I will want want want and I will give legs to my wanting

Praying cellularly and elementally

And let the birds carry and call me

I will sniff snort root and rage

I will love

And howl quietly with the moon

And let the sun kiss me

I will salute the stars, and planetary wisdom

And touch all the lonely shades of what it is to be human,

Be held in embrace

Full permission granted

To be exactly as I AM

Precisely this

Just so

Simply and clearly


Being my most precious friend and companion,

The source of communion

I will acknowledge that whatever it is that sees

Through these eyes


At peace


I will bow down and meet here,

A leaf against sky,

Breeze moving stillness into space

Sound birthing silence into something

I bow down to all that I am not,

And to soul that I am:

The volcano and the ocean.

My edit for Zanna's poem

Tutorial with Beth Richards


Think about the audience, who you are trying to engage with and how to go about it.

Suggested reading...

Death of the Author - Roland Barthes

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