Space Place and Geographers - a workshop led by Josie

If time is the dimension in which things happen one after the other, the dimension of succession, then space is the dimension of things being and existing at the same time, of simultaneity; it is the dimension of multiplicity. Space is the dimension that presents us with the existence of the other’ Doreen Massey

This extended workshop functions in the same way as the ‘Making at a Distance’ one that we did together last term. A video presentation introduces some thinking to inform some making. I propose playing with different conceptualisations of space. I pay particular attention to the words of the late, great geographer, Doreen Massey. I want to think about taking up/entering into space(s). I want to think about how artworks might address ‘here’. Although, floating through online space, are we, and our work, both here and not here? And what does ‘place’ comprise of (now that every publicly funded art project must speak of/to it)? How does our understanding of place orientate us towards, or away from, each other?

pre-viewing material : firstly, you need to watch a video presentation here

pre-making : the presentation introduces an exercise to do over the week preceding our live zoom meeting.

The first part of this exercise requires you to make a photograph for your fellow students to work with. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video presentation yet, please watch at least the first 5 minutes asap – I explain what you need to do initially to resource the group.

Zoom meeting: Thursday 18 March, 2 - 4pm

My photograph

This is the view from my bedroom window. It holds many memories relating to the passage of time and the people that have passed through the gate in the past 27 years I have lived here in Minard. I often look at this view first thing in the morning when I open the curtains to another day. Sometimes I sit on the windowsill and visualise the people that were once part of my life and are no longer with me. The view, in some respect, remains the same, yet, is ever changing - along with my own being.

My chosen photograph by Mark Flores

I chose this picture by Mark for its obvious contrasted with my own picture.


Looking at the two photographs I was taken by the shape of the interrupted skyline, with very different skies, and the obvious contrast of the views below the skyline. I considered working with the images digitally but I have spent so much time on computers at present that I decided to print the pictures and engage with a more organic approach. I have recently been working in this way with combining two images and decided to explore using a similar approach.

When I cut the photographs in to long pointed pieces, with the intention of knitting them together, I noticed a reference to the hands on the compass. This opened a conversation about distance and direction of the two contrasting pictures. I began looking at the distance from my picture's location to mark's. I know that Mark's picture was taken in Plymouth, the place of my birth and a part of my history, but I don't have the exact location.

When I stood in the place, in my bedroom, where I took the photograph, I thought about the location and how I might document it. I then remembered 'what3words' (a proprietarygeocode system that is designed to identify any location with a resolution of about 3 metres). I and returned to the location to get the three word position.


This is the 'what3words' location of the gate in the image.


The gate seen in the original photograph and its 'what3words' location.


I would like obtain the 'what3words' for the position of mark when taking his photograph.

Combining the two photos began to exaggerate the contrast between the contrasting environments.

Working with the fragments of the photographs I noticed the reference to the hands of a clock, as well as the compass, giving an indication of time and distance.

This image was an attempt at creating another landscape by infusing and arranging the two images.

This is the final image with a bit of digital assistance.

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