The Diary of Nijinsky

I recently discovered, 'The Diary of Nijinsky', a film by Paul Cox.

It was interesting seeing his approach, and use of the text from Nijinsky's diary. I have been considering whether or not I wanted to use a single screen and make the work more filmic, but since viewing Cox's work I am driven more to the idea of using multiple screens.

Cox talks about his artistic approach, critisism and his films as means of self-expression:

" Film has become more and more like a product, something you buy in the supermarket, like a bottle of shampoo... So I'm very sorry I make films from my point of view... A very few people can actually do it, or have they the density or sanity to keep doing it.

"Vaslav Nijinsky"is a film very much in the same tradition as"Vincent - The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh", using the words from his diary and the many existing images from the Ballet Russe. In this film however, the camera 'dances' and we see from Nijinsky's point of view what it feels like to be a dancer. We follow the mind of a genius as he releases his delicate hold upon reality, and staggers along the outer verge of reason towards the end.

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