Tutorial with Josie Cockram


Prior to this tutorial I was feeling a little out of the loop as I have been rather distracted with my current exhibition and the planning of future shows for this year. This conversation has been extremely helpful. Josie made a suggestions about how I might engage with the space at Karst creating a conversation between my work and the space.

After this discussion regarding the Karst exhibition, I will be enquiring as to whether I might be able to use the projection space in the front of Karst as I feel it would suit the atmosphere of the work I want to show. Also I intend to use sound and I know from previous experience how this can become complicated in a collaborative exhibition.

The idea of engaging with this particular area of the exhibition space I find interesting and I am now looking at the film, sound and text that I've been working with with a new approach. Once I know if this space is available to me I would like to be able to view it and hopefully get some inspiration and direction for the work I want to display within it.

I am currently teaching myself, with the aid of Youtube, how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro . I am working with the film I made with dancer/actor Lloyd Lovell with the addition of some new material. This has been a lot of trial and error but I do feel I am able to explore further with the film stock I have than I could previously using iMovie. I am a little cautious that it would be very easy to get carried away with the tricks one can perform using this program and over complicate the work.


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