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Final blog for year two!

It most certainly has been a challenging year, and not what I was anticipating, due to the obvious. That said, I have also found it to be a very rewarding time. Due to the lock down and isolation that we've all had to endure, and being unable to experiment and create work in the studio, I found myself engaged more in my research and studies.

It was so great to finally to leave 'Zoom' come out of our hideaways and actually experience being in a real gallery with real people again. I think all things considered we put on a very interesting exhibition. There was such a diversity of work and medium and Ben did a great job of bringing the works together. It really felt like a team effort and everyone contributed in helping one another. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for making it a fun project to engage in.

I learned a lot throughout this year and within this final module I feel I have made advancements with my practice and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me in my final year. I find it difficult making final decisions with my work and I feel that through the guidance from Anya and Mark I have somehow simplified things and produced work that I am proud of.

Thanks to Dom Moore for the photos, I've chosen a few below.

708 Studio Feedback

I wanted to

Mark: PASS

Feedback by Anya Lewin / Mark Leahy

It has been very interesting to watch the development of the video piece ‘Solitude’ through different durations and forms; the version which is presented in the gallery feels like a successful distillation of the core ideas in this piece. Your willingness to work through different edits helped you to find the work. It feels like a very strong base from which to work in your next year; perhaps beginning with new input and ideas, but working with what you have learnt this year. It has been noteworthy to see the video piece in relation to your existing painting practice, where previously the work on the MA has felt very separate, here there felt to be a parallel and a complimentary sense of form, texture, figure and ground relations, so the video could almost sit alongside the paintings.

Your engagement and participation through the year has been excellent, and your support of the wider MA group, your willingness to feed back, to help out, and to help forge a sense of a cohort while we have all been working remotely is praiseworthy.

Your writing around your work, and your sense of curiosity pushing your research is strong, and is feeding into a clearer and more confident writing style.

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