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Updated: Jan 12


Julie and I have decided it might be beneficial to us both to set up a weekly Zoom meeting.

Our first meeting was really enjoyable, and for the most part an opportunity to chat about where we are in our studies, and how we are doing in this current situation.

We decided that in our next meeting, we would take a look at an exercise suggested to us both by Sinta Tantra in our one to one tutorials.

Writing About Your Work, Talking About Your Work

To be continued...


Writing About Your Work, Talking About Your Work

suggested by Sinta Tanta.

Julie and I are finding the one to one Zoom meetings extremely beneficial, and we are planning to continue throughout this current lockdown. Today we looked at the exercise, Writing About Your Work, Talking About Your Work. We feel this exercise could be beneficial in helping with our artist statements.

Looking forward to the Two Truths and a Lie Game!

Our next meeting is Tuesday 12th January to share our responses to the handout.

Download PDF • 1.02MB

To be continued...


Two Truths and a Lie Game

Well, I don't thing I'm such a good lier as I thought. I read my two truths and a lie and suggested Julie quiz me on them, she said she would go with her gut reaction and guessed my lie first time. Julie read me her's and I failed miserably!

Now on to the more serious stuff.

Exercise 1

Julie suggested we concentrate on one of us at a time, so she took notes and I talked through the exercise sheet. Beginning with...

List as many key words to describe your practice? (words only, no sentences)

We worked through all the questions and it become more like an interview, where Julie brought out more information than I had managed to write on the form.

Exercise 2

Julie will summarise my practice at the next meeting.

To be continued...

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